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About Us

Portugal, Africa, Samoa, Tokelau, One Family

Who are we and what is this about

It is my pleasure to welcome you to this portal for family members of the South Pacific pedigree of Pereira’s to discover their roots and extended family ties.

In 2012, I began this journey of discovery in earnest after a lengthy self-education of history, religion, money, governance and the corporate influence therein. Although fascinating, I was somewhat dismayed by the direction we in the western world had ‘chosen’ to follow. This led me to question the validity of our ‘democratic’ model of governance, which in turn, fueled my passion for self-discovery and eventually uncover the nature of our family’s influence in Samoa and the Tokelau Islands.

As the eldest son (Vincent Pereira), of the eldest son (Etimani Pereira), of the eldest son (Sipiliano Pereira), of the eldest son (Lafaele Pereira), of the eldest son (José Maria Pereira) of Antonio Pereira Vitorino de Barros, (the Patriarch of the Pereira family in Samoa and Tokelau), I felt a duty to ensure that our history in the Islands was recorded and our lineage unveiled for all our family to have access to in this technological age.

Collating the information has been difficult to say the least, given that I was born and raised in New Zealand, I didn’t have the benefit living the island life, or grow up with my extended family of Samoan and Tokelaun counterparts and learn the mother tongue. My father and his siblings had decided early on that they would raise us in the ways of the new world and that, unfortunately was that.

Nevertheless, I have pushed through the barriers and made a comprehensive effort of discovery. I have created a genealogy utilizing the My Heritage website infrastructure and I encourage everyone in our family to use it or just simply view it. You are welcome to add your family lines, upload information, documents and all things pertinent to individuals and our Pereira family’s heritage. No doubt there will be discrepancies and I ask that you remain respectful to everyone you contact. Collectively we should be able to build a comprehensive database that will remain in our family for generations to come, ensuring our history is never lost and our ability to communicate through extended families is enhanced.

If you are family, please don’t hesitate to contact us to receive your invitation to our family genealogy. Having an invitation will allow you to add as much of your family information as you feel comfortable with. Furthermore, please fell free to upload relevant documents that you would like to share with everyone for posterity.

It is with love that this project has been built and honour that we keep our ancestors alive in our hearts and minds.
Si o ta alofa atu
Vincent Pereira