Internet based arrradio station is LIVE !

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Based out of my Time Zone in Darwin, Northern Territory,  Australia,
arrradio is an internet radio station containing music that resides in my heart and soul.
This station was created to give life to the past and celebrate the present.

Please be aware that most of the Hip Hop music is uncensored and will contain explicit lyrics.

Always with Love
Vincent Pereira
(Coming Soon)
(Coming Soon)

arrradio does not condone, encourage nor wish to sensationalize the use of sex, guns, violence, drug dealing, pimping, prostitution, racism or any behaviour that is seen as anti-social. The Musical Art represented here is for entertainment purposes only and should not be recognised as an endorsement by arrradio.com, of the language or implied lifestyles described in these artworks. Please be mindful of the content nature and ensure it is not being overheard by persons not mature enough to appreciate the creativity of this collection.

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