Centuries – Part One


Centuries is an ebook written by Vincent Pereira that has been compiled over many years of research based on Christianity, Egyptology, African history, war, enslavement, money creation and truth on a level that is far from uncommon.

This work is alive with a richness of information, spanning many centuries, that is hard to come to terms with by some aspects, but also leaves the reader with a much broader understanding of historic events that will empower the individual and hopefully instill a sense of wonderment and an insatiable hunger in searching for additional truth.

Certainly not comprehensive to a fault, the author has decided to release this edition with a note to explain that new information is being found each day which can and does modify the current content to some extent. If the ebook Centuries were not released in it’s current form, would there ever be a time to say the work is finally complete ? Thus, it is with this understanding that this 1st edition is released for distribution.

See the Centuries Prologue in the Description

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Centuries Prologue

The truth is that no one can know for a certainty how or why the earth and the ever expanding universe were created. Mankind’s best guess is still a guess. However what is irrefutable is the fact that there is a record of things that happened over the Centuries from the earliest days of mankind’s existence that could only be known by people who were there, and whether or not people choose to believe these events were based on fact or fiction, with the use of modern technology and thorough excavation of areas that have been reported upon, evidence shows us an exciting reality.

Of course there are minds of man that will never be convinced no matter what evidence is produced and this is to be expected. Nevertheless, what researchers have discovered, is that certain stories that have been handed down in various forms over thousands of years, have turned out to be based in truth. After countless hours of investigation of these stories, myths and legends across multiple generations by upstanding academics and inspired individuals, one is ultimately faced with the fact that the Bible is not just some fanciful storybook, but is historically accurate in most if not all of its reporting. From ancient Sumeria to ancient Egypt to mythological Greece, we find uncanny similarities of deities and events of similar if not exact characteristics.

Given the monumental implications of considering the Bible as a true historical record, I expect that there would therefore be an equal and opposite reaction to ensure that truth is kept at a distance. In this light, it should be understood that because there is an underlying theme that permeates the entire publication … the struggle between Good and Evil in the hearts, minds and souls of all of existence … even the Angels who are known to have emotions and ultimately ‘Free Will’ we struggle with this concept. This is evident with the fall of Lucifer and his legion right through to the fall of Man and his banishment from the garden of Eden.

It is with this in mind that one can begin to understand that by our very nature, that is, the dynamic of mankind’s mind to be in altered states of consciousness which serve not his better nature, we are susceptible to moments of doubt and dismissive behavior because of the uncertainty of our purpose as an individual and purpose as a species.

I am not religious, though I was raised a Roman Catholic, I soon discovered the nature of all religious doctrine to be false representations of the truth. The truth being our direct and intimate connection with the Most High without need of institutions or religious instruction by tradition.

Personally, I believe in God (YHWH) and the Son of God (Yahushua). I am of the belief that the scriptures are truly inspired revelations of the our Creator that were transcribed through Man. Although the scriptures themselves are authentic, the compilation of these scriptures into a Bible is not in my opinion complete. One such book that is omitted is the Book of Enoch, written by Noah’s grandfather and referred to in the Bible itself.

Following Constantine’s ‘Council of Nicea’ which created the belief system of Christianity, a compilation of scriptures was agreed and voted upon by a collection of church leaders with the final approval signed off by Constantine late in the 4th Century AD. I have serious doubts that the books accepted as the complete Bible were inspired by YHWh. I expect that they were limited to ensure that the pagan belief system would remain intact, in order to encompass the best possible cross section of people in the Empire at that time.

I have therefore tried my best to remain open to the possibility of many conflicting established belief systems. Some, I have adopted in the spirit of honest revelation, others that are currently held as irrefutable truths, I have either indicated potential discrepancies or just left it as it stands until I am further educated by research.

This compilation is a historical record from my personal point of view and I accept that there may be errors of which I will correct and update as I learn more. What I personally feel to be ultimate truth I stand behind 100% but this research should not be regarded by any means, as incontrovertible fact. In these last days, it is said that the eyes of man are opened and truth shall be made known to the world. which will on one hand be the fulfillment of prophecy but on a more unpleasant note, on the other hand also heralds the increasing of sin in the world, the beginning of the great war and the coming of judgement day.

I am open to help and insights from any persons who would like to contribute and make this series a complete and comprehensive record of time, that will be kept up to date in these, our last days, for the purpose of our awakening, by sharing the honest truth across the world for the benefit of all who seek it

I wish you all love and peace

Vincent Pereira – Author


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