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Welcome to the House of Pereira.

Malo Aiga! This website serves as a repository of information for future generations. Many hours of research have been spent gathering together and sorting through records, microfilm documents, books, websites, and cross-checking family genealogical accounts, in order to bring you the most comprehensive historical intelligence on the history of the Pereira family in the South Pacific.

From the time of Napoleon Bonaparte’s war against the country of Portugal, where our ancestors played a significant role in ensuring the safety of the Portuguese Royal family, the epic adventures of a teenage Master Captain sailing a two-mast schooner halfway around the world, coming face to face and losing crewmen to real cannibals in exotic Pacific Island locations, this legendary saga contains all the hallmarks of a blockbuster Hollywood movie.

Stay tuned and follow us on social media as we uncover more details that will be sure to inspire a resurrection of history that has long been lost, forgotten, or even purposefully covered over. As the administrator of this site, and a direct descendant of our earliest ancestor, I have made this a personal agenda to unravel the rich history of our heritage with the ultimate goal of rekindling a family spirit that once embraced our vast family. Truly, I have been humbled in my research to uncover the efforts of our forefathers as they sought to set a standard that would last well into the following numerous generations. Furthermore, I feel obliged to ensure that the legacy they built with the blood, sweat, and tears of toil, anguish, heartache, love, and loss, should be remembered with a reverence of the highest order.

Thanks to technology, we are able to hold forevermore, the precious insights, teachings and life lessons that our aiga so richly deserve. Let us come together to broadcast a message to the world, embracing all families over continents, races, creeds, and eras. A message that we are all truly one people, of one race, under one God, sharing in the joys, hopes, and dreams of one family.

God Bless you all, friends and family. May the light of love shine on your face and the wind of prosperity be at your back all the days of your life.

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