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Complaint Against José Pereira

Complaint of King of Fakaofo against half-caste José Pereira

WPHC4 IV 99 1886

Commander and Deputy Commissioner Rooke

Complaint of King of Fakaofo against half caste José Pereira

I cannot see how this man can be a British Subject. He represented himself as such at the Samoan Consulate some years ago, and therefore it is safe, probably, to deal with him as such. I suspect however that he is really a Fakaofan. But at any rate I do not see how he could very well be removed from Fakaofa, as he really has no country of his own.

He might be dealt with in two ways. First, if he has infringed the arms regulation or committed any other act for which he can be tried, he might be tried and if convicted imprisoned in either Samoa or Fiji. Second, if he fails to prove himself a British Subject, the King of Fakaofa might be informed that he is not one, that he may be dealt with like any other native of Fakaofa.

This might bring him to his bearings, but he would probably discover then that he was a Frenchman. I am inclined to think the first way the best.

Vessels run between Fakaofa and Samoa and W Powell might be authorised to go there when Samoan affairs will permit, which probably will not be for some time, or the next time a ‘man of war’ goes to Samoa it might be arranged that the commanding officer should take up the case.


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