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Pereira Historic Record – Page 4

Working between the Islands of Tokelau & Samoa

Page 4

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His Children

Country and Age that Born

Chapter 4

Then Siose married Tamara, then LAFAELE was born, in the year 1876/24/1. At the age of 17, his father took him to Samoa to join the Felela-Marist Brothers School in Mulivai. Then he studied in 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896. In 1897, he returned to Tokelau, where his father wrote to him, to leave his studies and go to help in the cultivation of coconuts.

This was also the year he married LOVINE, the daughter of ADAM MEIN, from Sikotilani (Scotland) LOVINE was born in 1880. When he was 17 years old he married , but 21 years of LAFAELE. Then they got married and lived in Fakaofo and sold goods, and bought coconuts, one thousand coconuts was paid for twelve shillings, the more coconuts there are, the more work they do in harvesting of coconuts, the planting of coconuts, the planting of coconuts and the cost of cultivating the land, these are all the works that they did, and the cost of paying for the land (fanuafala)

The boy’s name is SEFA, IOSEFO, the fathers of their mother’s family, they were the ones who worked together, in the year 1887. They started paying for the land, let’s go In the year 1897, it was four years and the land was completed.


Then they gave birth to five (5) children. SIPILI-PIO, born in the year, 1897 26/September. KEITH-SINA, born in the year, 1899/9/March. FA’ETE TIMESA was born in the year, 1901/9/May. AKENESE-TIUA, born in the year, 1903/8/January. LOMANA-TENAMO, was born on the month of November, 1905/5/November. It was the same year that they traveled with their children to Nukunonu, but they also completed nine (9) years in Fakaofo.

Then he traveled to Nukunonu and arrived on 21/11/1905. They buy products from their father’s products. He acts like a village manager, when guests and foreigners come, he is the one who explains the words, and he is the one who directs the dances and entertainment when the guests go, while LOVINE was dealing with the cooking process.

They completed nine (9) years in Nukunonu. They gave birth again and received more parts of their children. JOSEPH-Kia was born in the year 1906/16/0ctober. ANTONIO-Tesuafa, was born in the year, 1908/16/August. LOUISA-TELIGOLIGO, born in the year 1910/27/March. FALANIKO, he was born on August 15, 1913.

As for the year 1914/7/January. There was a flood in Tokelau, everything was washed away in the sea, houses, goods were all washed away. January is over, but in March LAFAELE traveled to Fakaofo and stayed for a few days, rebuilding their family’s house that fell in the flood, he finished his work, then traveled back to Nukunonu on April/24/1914. Then it was difficult to clean and replant the things, and the trees that were damaged so that the flood did not occur.

Then IULIANA-TETAU was born, in the year 1915/3/June. This was also the year their father SIOSE traveled to Samoa when he fell ill.

In the year, 1916, their father JOSEPH died. JOSEPH JOSE, SIOSE PEREIRA in Samoa.

In the year 1917, they went to Fakaofo with their children to work again in replanting the coconuts that were swept away by the flood.

In the year 1918, their children went on a trip to Samoa.

It’s forty-two his age (LAFAELE)

It’s thirty eight age (LOVINE)

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