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Pereira Historic Record – Page 5

The Family Leave Tokelau to Live in Samoa

Page 5

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Leave Tokelau for Samoa

Chapter 5

Then the couple leave their nine (9) children, two (2) of whom are dead, FRANIKO and_SESILIA, CESILIA, born in Fakaofo, in the year 1917/27/December. The deceased had great sadness, many tears, at the time of their separation, to the children and their foster parents because each of them had families that lived with them.

Lafaele and Lovine are not alone, in their relationship with the people of the village, and a warm relationship that has been 42 years and now it has been broken, and that is why, they were found nicknames, they were named by their foster parents. There are, PIO, SINA, TIMESA, TAIUA, TENAMO, KIAO, TESUAFA, TELIGOLIGO, TETAU. Then they stopped their journey and settled in Savalalo, on 28/10/1918.

In October, November, the deadly disease spreads. Then Patele Meie heard that the family was very calm in Savalalo, then Lafaele called and showed his desire, saying; You and your two children are coming to build a house in Togafuafu’a and live there.

The family is very settled in Savalalo, and the first came to build their house in the field, where the family of Ioane and Toese are living, that is the place that was previously set up their house. But because of the bad weather on the other side of the river when they went to church, they moved to the other side of the river, where they still stand today.

Then BENI was born, on 25/12/1922 but he died early, LAFAELE was 46 years old, LOVINE was 42 years old.

But it’s 24 SIPILI, 23 KATE, 21. FA’AETE, 19 AKENESE, 17 LOMANA, 16 IOSEFO, 14 ANTONIO, 12 LOUISA, 7 IULIANA. But KALALA has been three (3) years old. the son of FAAETE, born in the year 1919/5/3/. LAFAFLE, the son of AKENESE, is two (2) years old, born in the year 1920/10/14/.

The Place in Togafu’afu’a and Status.

The land is like a swamp, water and mud, the sea comes in when the tide is high, and the water is calm when it is low. when it rains, then they do the work of digging the pits around the land, to stop the sea when the tide comes in and to let the water flow when it rains, that’s done. The stone and gravel were brought from the river and the roofs were buried on the roof and side of the house, and the tree of the building, in order to lift up the earth and to have a north of the land, then when the earth is north, then Niu is planted, Vavae, Ulu, Mango, the dead weather, this is the reason why this area was called Togafu’afu’a, because the flag grew there.

So in the days when the family grew, and each wife and two children, then Sipili and Elizabeth lived in Taufusi, while Kate returned. he wants to go live in Tokelau, Fa’aete in Lotopa. Akenese and Vave-Felise-Meleisea, in Togafu’afua bordering Lalovaea. Lomana, Togafu’afu’a still has his children Pisi, and Palepa, while Sio-Joseph and Kevesi-Antonio worked on the construction of roads in Apia, and the marching to fight in Falefa.

Finally, the two of them settled down, Sio and Lucy, in Malie. Ao Keve and Luka in Saleufi, where Mosese’s store is now, Louisa and Adolf Nauer bought products in Satoa, Safune after their years. then came to Togafu’afua to live with PA and MA. Me and the Luafalemana Boat, have traveled to Tutuila.

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