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Pereira Historic Record – Page 6

Typical Life and Times of
Lafaele (Pa) & Rovine (Ma)

Page 6

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PA and MA

Chapter 6

In those days, there were people who knew carpentry, maybe there were carpenters, while the Pastors were busy doing carpentry work in Mulivai, and the Church, when there is something wrong, or something that needs to be updated.

It is similar to the place in Savalalo, the Convent, and the school house of caretaker a place in the crew where he himself goes to three days to stay and do a job until it is finished and he just comes back home.

His first habit before doing his job was to sing in the Church every morning, he opened the doors of the Church, he pulled and rang the Angelo bell, he was also accept the missis, or the bread, or the heavy rains so that he does not return or miss his habit of singing in the Church, Ta, and if he could turn back the foot of the clock, let’s take a look at the beautiful scene of Pa and his brothers, and his clothes, leaving worship in those days and walking together in Togafu’afu’a but, it is a vision that our generation no longer sees in these days, it is a vision that does not have enough knowledge and wisdom to explain it in order to be beautiful. However, God has tested how strong this relationship is in Faith.


Then came the days when the Government wanted to use half of Fanuafala, then the Government bought it, with the condition that it could not be released until the money came back, except for the neck, one family. Then he heard and the other side of the children knew that the money had been released, and they were not happy, so Joseph went to Sigamoga and told him what had happened, and Joseph answered ; Lafaele is what Lafaele says, not what he does. Then he went to Togafu’afu’a, with a hurt heart and did not agree, and explained to Lafaele (Pa) what had happened. Then Lafaele (Pa) answered and said;  “You have the power of Lands and Money, You want to have a Family: Is the answer a proud person? Is the answer an angry and violent person? Or a ruthless person?. O, The answer of gentleness O, the answer of mercy. The answer of the one who is overflowing with loving heart”

The children came with a broken heart and suffering, but their hearts were cut and converted to Godliness, obedience. Then, Fa’aete was born again and they moved their place with their children and settled in Togafu’afu’a, year 194.

Pa was 71 years old. Ma is 67 years old, but Kalala has eight (8) children. Soma. Maleko. Siaki. Paulo. Peter. Tolotea. Simi, and the girl who died is still buried in Lot.

Then came the days when Father Meie left the land of the Church to Lafaele-Pa and his children to take care of. It’s up in Palisi, and all the land is surrounded by coconut plantations. then we pulled the wire, it went around the fence, and it went all over the land, then we brought the Horses and Donkeys, they made them laugh and used them.

When the coconuts were harvested, they were given back with the cattle of the pastors in Moamoa, which made them laugh. where the Horses and the Donkeys carry piles of coconuts and pile them in the coconut house, some days they and their grandchildren’s grandfathers cut down the trees and burn the coconuts the trees, and beat down the hoods of firewood, and looms,

then after leaving the school, the school group went to the others, each with a Horse, and carried a large pile of coconuts, while the others each have a knife but have helped with the cleaning of that part of the land.

One day when they left school, they were all busy doing it, but each of them had a knife, so up in the border they made a line and then they walked down and threw the coconut. and pour it down the stream, until it reaches a level, then it is piled up and given to the Horses and Donkeys who take it to the coconut house. work, while the boys went to rebuild the fence, and chased Povi inside, we fled outside

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