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Pereira Historic Record – Page 2

Family Settlement of Apia

Page 2

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Chapter 2

Their journey is over, he is gone and his heart is full of happiness, because he has a family, especially he has a son, the reason and reason why he is traveling again, because of the lack of the family members of the village, who are there, in their products are selling, this is the reason and the reason why they are traveling again.

Then they arrived at Upolu, and their boat was in the water, near the Town of Apia.

Then they began to sell all their goods, and the news spread, that the ship was selling their goods, and was sailing in the Port of Apia.

Then Lauofo heard from Luatuanu’u, Opa and his daughter, in the Town of Apia, then he saw the Ax (Axe) and his desire jumped. and his desire to get the Axe, then took his daughter to live with ANTONIO, but took the Axe with her.

After selling all their products, they also sold the ship, the money they got, they divided it among the five of them, and then they left to find their future.

ANTONIO-Anton, who is a Pope-Catholic and his crew, ANTONIO bought some of his land in the town and outside the town with Luatuanu’u, Lauofo’s daughter.

Then they had five children, two (2) Girls. and three (3) sons, Losa, Caroline, Sigofa, Paulo, Penu.

Then it came to the days when the Pope’s missionaries arrived in Apia, and they went to greet him with a shout.
Their meeting is over, and ANTONIO knows that there is nothing to settle them, so he left and took some parts of his lands for the Church, and the Trust – Watch and Take Care – in my speech.

The residence of Faifeau in Savalalo was first established, before the schools of Felela began.

Then they moved the places of Faifeau and Felela who had gone to Mulivai, which are still there until today, and gave them to Tama’ita’isa who lived in Savalalo, and did the school, the school of Taupousa until today.

While under the rule of Germany in Samoa and Tokelau, the merchants took goods to Tokelau, including goods to Fakaofo. During the Asona, or at that time, there was a lot of thieving by pirates who would steal people from one island to another and then take them to other big countries.

The merchant named Ben, then the King of Fakaofo Fanuafala bought Ben, then Ben did a heinous act, of smuggling Fakaofo’s people to men The Captain of the Ships went to steal the people of Fakaofo. Then Ben was sent back to Samoa, because of his bad behavior, and then Ben bought Fanuafala for the Germans.

Then the Reverend Bishop Enos heard about the trouble that happened in Fakaofo, because of this merchant named Ben.

Then he ordered to take a member of the Church, ANTONIO PEREIRA was taken to replace Ben, the merchandiser.

ANTONIO PEREIRA bought the Island of Fanualoa (Fanuafala).

Then until the days when ANTONIO PEREIRA returned to Samoa, IOSEFO JOSEPH-JOSÉ (SIOSE) PEREIRA went there.

Then SIOSE PEREIRA gave his family members from Samoa, and they cultivated that land. (Fanuafala)

Those days I was just three years old. LP 1879.

Family history is not taken into account.

Before the Pope arrived in 1843.

Landed on the 1911 Crew.

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